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Collection:   Irony
Description:  Irony is a collection of wrought iron beds that shines for modern design, the quality of finishes and materials and its flexibility.
The different models are available (with some exceptions) with and without footboard, in various finishes of wrought iron, with or without storage box, as single, double and king-size beds.
All undoubtedly beautiful, particularly worthy of note are the Cabernet canopy bed and Mondo, with leather panels fixed to the headboard.
Material:  The beds are made of iron, wrought iron, laser cut iron, wrought and forged iron, and have inserts made of wood, wicker, aluminum and burnished brass. Available in silver aged black, opaque black, gold aged shiny black, black tinged brown, gold aged red, rust, gold aged green, black tinged green, aluminium, bronze, gold aged ivory, white tinged green, white tinged blue.
Note:  Quite interesting is the matching accessories collection, with wooden items and, of course, wrought iron items as well.

Herbie wrought iron modern bed footboard

Cabernet iron canopy bed

Nuvola quality iron bed

Mondo bed panels red crocodile belting leather

Mondo iron bed white fabric panels

Mondo silver iron bed black leather panels Twist bedside table

Amor Diletto iron bed leather hearts

Cammeo classic modern iron bed

Parisienne aluminium wrought iron bed

Pegaso wrought iron bed wooden insert

Fantasy wrought iron bed decors canopy

Fantasy wrought iron storage box upholstered bed

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